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A Little about swDesk

swDesk is a high end, yet affordable, CRM solution that enables your company to provide quality customer service while supporting a high volume of customer requests. All versions of swDesk include six months of free support. swDesk is a single purchase product — this means you are not locked into any monthly or annual fees. Once you purchase swDesk, there are no other fees, unless you require updates after the initial six month period. (All bug and security updates are available via download absolutely free.)

swDesk is also open source, therefore allowing you to make any desired edits to suit your companies needs. Copyright restrictions apply. swDesk's offers customization services.

While researching other CRM and ticket system solutions available, you will find that many products have less features and are even more expensive. You will also find products within a similar price range, but they limit the number of users, categories, staff members or tickets ensuring extra expenses as your company grows. swDesk offers a powerful, stable CRM solution at an affordable price and does not impose any limitations on the number of departments, technicians, users or tickets.

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The Design Integration Process (how it works)

Converting your designs into a custom theme, skin or template is a two-phase process. First, we hand code and convert your PSD to XHTML/CSS markup. Upon your review and approval of the markup, we then begin the second phase of theme development. This phase involves the proper separation and integration of the markup code throughout the necessary theme/template files, depending upon your selected the 3rd party application. Our task is to provide you with a fully customized theme with valid W3C compliant markup throughout the application's entire user interface.

We are able to create a full theme based on as little as one PSD/page from you. But most clients do provide 2-3 inside page layout to have further control of the inside page layouts. Our task is to make the application function and appear exactly as you have designed it in your PSD or design file.

The theme development phase is performed on our staging server for your private review. Once complete and approved by you, we then provide you with source code and database and/or theme directory. We can also migrate the full application to your server upon request.

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